Friday, February 06, 2009

Chat with a Tech Support Engineer!

 12:49:42 AM      praveen damodhar 

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Welcome to Dell's Sales Chat! I hope you are doing well and thank you for waiting. My name is Alvin. I will be your personal sales agent, please provide your phone number where I can contact you in case we get disconnected. How may I help you with your computer purchase today?

 12:50:10 AM      praveen damodhar 

I'm from India

 12:50:29 AM      BE_Rep_Alvin N 

Hi Praveen.

 12:51:08 AM      praveen damodhar 

I would like to buy a dell inspiron in the range of Rs.40000 on hand.

 12:51:39 AM      praveen damodhar 

Which would be the best choice?

 12:52:24 AM      BE_Rep_Alvin N 

Are you also planning to ship the laptop in India?

 12:52:47 AM      praveen damodhar 

I dunno much abt that.. Would it be more expensive than buying it frm here?

 12:53:35 AM      BE_Rep_Alvin N 

I don't have an info when it comes to pricing of Dell India but be advised that Dell US cannot ship outside US mainland.

 12:53:53 AM      praveen damodhar 

oh ok..

 12:54:32 AM      praveen damodhar 

I want to know of any good model in the range of $800 .

 12:55:39 AM      BE_Rep_Alvin N 

Are you looking for a laptop or a desktop?

 12:56:01 AM      praveen damodhar 


 12:57:10 AM      BE_Rep_Alvin N 

Okay and can you tell me what will you be using the laptop for?

 12:58:35 AM      praveen damodhar 

media stuff, ppts, documents , a bit of gaming as well

 12:59:34 AM      BE_Rep_Alvin N 

Would that be games that would requires decent graphics?

 1:00:16 AM      praveen damodhar 

Nope.. Frankly, I'm not much into gaming.. Just play some like WoW.

 1:00:31 AM      BE_Rep_Alvin N 

Oh okay.

 1:00:45 AM      BE_Rep_Alvin N 

Do you also have a preference for the screen size and weight of the laptop?

 1:01:51 AM      praveen damodhar 

A 15" would do..

 1:02:09 AM      praveen damodhar 

Not too heavy.

 1:03:42 AM      BE_Rep_Alvin N 

Oh okay. Then for that, Studio 15 would be perfect for you. Although you are into occasional gaming but wanted to have a good experience, then this can surely meet that. It has 15.4 inch screen size and a starting weight of 6.11 lbs and it would get you an option to have a dedicated video card here in Dell US site. Not sure in Dell India site.

 1:04:24 AM      praveen damodhar 


 1:04:34 AM      praveen damodhar 

What would be the cost of this model?

 1:05:43 AM      BE_Rep_Alvin N 

We can get a good package here in Dell US around that price range.

 1:06:46 AM      praveen damodhar 

How much would it be on-hand assuming that I'm buying it from US?

 1:07:18 AM      BE_Rep_Alvin N 

A good package with taxes would be around $800 Praveen

 1:07:36 AM      praveen damodhar 

Oh thanks..

 1:08:28 AM      praveen damodhar 

Btw, If I need to chat with ur Indian counterpart,whats the procedure? can I chat online ?

 1:09:08 AM      BE_Rep_Alvin N 

I don't know if they have a sales chat but I can get you the link for Dell India and you can proceed from there.

 1:09:30 AM      praveen damodhar 

That would be of great help.

 1:10:26 AM      BE_Rep_Alvin N 

BE_Rep_Alvin N pushes page,

 1:10:31 AM      BE_Rep_Alvin N 

You can refer to that link.

 1:10:45 AM      BE_Rep_Alvin N 

Well, is there anything else I can help you with?

 1:11:14 AM      praveen damodhar 

Thanks a lot.. Its great chattin with u.

 1:11:31 AM      praveen damodhar 


 1:11:42 AM      BE_Rep_Alvin N 

You are most welcome.

 1:11:42 AM      BE_Rep_Alvin N 

After this chat, you will have the chance to take a survey of 3-5 multiple choice only to rate my service and that will be much appreciated so please keep the window open. Thank you for choosing Dell Chat and have a wonderful day!

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equilibrium said...

Now, this is cool! So, zeroed on something? When are you buying it?

praveen said...

@ Equi


Closing in on Dell Inspiron 1525.Not that great, affordable though..I gather prices will fall even more in the next two months.. So still waiting! :)