Thursday, February 19, 2009

25 Random things about me!

This is supposed to be a Facebook Tag!My good friend .Pooja from Bellevue,WA tagged me with this.Given the amount of time I kill reading Wodehouse these days,thought it'll be great to introspect and learn about myself than lying all night long on the bed and rotfl ing so much to wake up the guy next room.

Here it goes..Might be too trivial and boring.At your own risk!

1. Born into a nerdy family of nth order, I was always into academics since a kid.I used to tell around 100 thirukkurals( tamil verses by the great poet,thiruvalluvar) at the age of 5.

2. Was such a nerdo that I used to cry when someone used to snatch my slate or book,I used to cry ! ( trust me.)

3. Eating was and is a big torture.Skipping my breakfast has always been my tradition.It is indeed a testimony to my weak build.

4. I read about anything and everything under the sun.Constantly keep myself updated about everything around me.Be it the latest gossip or the world news,I just want to knw abt everything !

5. Very passionate about music.Ranging from classical music to Bollywood to rock, I just love listening to it. A R Rahman is God!

6. Had a weird kind of stuttering problem when young,not any more.I can speak fluently at a stretch!

7. I love to bunk classes only to sleep in the hostel.However, I never can sleep during the class.

8. Games and me have always shared an interesting relationship.I used to play so much as a kid,so much that I myself can't believe I used to.Was good in Badminton and Carrom.Now, I'm really far away from them. Still love watching Tennis a lot !

9. Although I have close to 400 friends on Orkut,I never confide my secrets and thoughts to anyone.

10. I'm a polyglot.I just love learning languages.I'm fluent in English,Tamil,Kannada,Hindi and broken malayalam as well.

11. I visit the temple quite often.Dunno why.Maybe just for the fear of it.

12. Hate to wake up early.Why didn't someone turn the work time other way round.

13. I have learned to love things that I hated the most.Its really difficult in the beginning but then it finally fades away.

14. I'm never stubborn and can never win a quarrel,if any I get into.I accept things even if I know I won't be able to.Learning to revolt back and say no!

15. I love watching news channels.Nik Gowing to Prannoy roy-karan Thapar to Shereeen Bhan,I can watching anything!

16. I listen to pirated cds and read pirated novels of which I am ashamed of.

17.I love to travel alone.This is weird I know! But the kind of mental bliss you get in solitude is something that cannot described.

18.I never leave a newspaper unturned.I love spending time reading a mag or newspaper.Has always been a wish to see my article published in a mag.

19.I love my sister a lot.She has always been my best friend.We fight like dogs at home,hurling abuses at each other.Irritate and tease each other.But then,She is very supportive,funny and sweet.Can never forget the day I had to shift to hostel !

20.Quite senti about certain things which I wouldn't want to disclose.

21. Hard-core nocturnal.Generally sleep at 2 or 3 in the morning.

22. Totally regret doing engineering.Maybe I should've tried something in commerce.

23. Have an innate ability to remember dates and numbers.Dunno how I still can remember trivial things,phone numbers,birthdays etc.

24.I've turned a pro in counselling my close friends on various matters.Just don't understand whether I forcibly advise them or they genuinely ask me for.Whatever,I help them out.But the irony is,no one asks me if I'm doing fine.

25.Want to lead a more interesting life loaded with fun and laughter than this insipid and monotonus one.Maybe,I'd be able do an interesting tag atleast then.

Atleast I enjoyed doing this tag.Was fun actually.
Want to see what Equi,Adi,Kenneth and Estella have to say about themselves.


equilibrium said...

1. :O

2. :D

15. Shereen Bhan :)

24. Yeah? hehe :)

praveen said...

@ Equi:

Shereen Bhan is ravishing..Beauty with perfect brains I must say! Isn't she? :)

Maman said...

Except a few We both have many common things.I like that post carry on.

Advitiya said...

Apologies! Quite late but have finally done it! :)

Aman said...

good one....

praveen said...

Yeah, Got to know! :)


Thanks, Aman.

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