Tuesday, January 06, 2009


There are some people whom you adore so much,some who never let you down and whom you always think good about,so much that it blinds their bad work.Well,I'm not speaking of friends or relatives,rather about people whom you are so passionate about.Someone who you really admire from the core of you heart. Rahman Sir is one among them in my life.

I really can't date back to when I became such a big fan.I listen to many composers ranging from Beatles-Cliff Richard days to Ilayaraja to present day Harris Jayaraj.But no one has moved me so much than this Mozart from Madras.Its been like years ,since childhood must I say that I've lived through his heart rending music.From Roja-pudhiya mugam and the like to the most recent GhajiniDilli-6,Almost every song of his has a special place in my heart that it takes me to my childhood days.Its like a time machine that takes me through decades and brings my childhood back afresh.We've heard of our parents still telling wistfully about the good old songs of Rafi ji or Kishore da,I certainly connect with Rahman Sir than any other.His music transcends mental barriers,touches one at subliminal level that one can connect it at different altitude.Some may find it too repetitive and techno, but to a hardcore Rahmaniac like me,It is bliss.

I strongly belive music grows in a person,It indeed has a healing nature that can transform your sorrows to joy.Composers may come and go,but our sir's songs will always be etched in our hearts.To me,Rahman Sir is god!
Wishing him a very Happy Birthday.. Wish he lives long and compose music that changes millions of hearts across the globe!

ps: Do drop in abt ur fav music composer!


Estella... said...

I love all his compositions...it has his personality in it.....u know it's like his trademark..ho outdoes himself everytime...

praveen said...

@ Estella:
Totally Agree..:)

Pradeep said...

hey please add me on your blogroll
i m also a student of PESIT:-)

Pradeep said...


Advitiya said...

I love his music. Somehow don't know why but I know that if a movie has music by him, its bound to be a movie that I would enjoy. I haven't seen Ghajini yet but still... His music is totally something else, every time!

Heard slumdog millionaire soundtrack? I didn't like the movie so much (had read the book) but the music is WOW! What a fusion on east n west and mixing the 80's music with the music of today! Fuck... Salutes to the sheer genius!

equilibrium said...

Yes. He is someone who has the guts to experiment and bring out something new..

praveen said...

@ Adi:

Yeah, Slumdog was arguably the best fusion ever of
Indian classical music with the west .Loved the interlude of the mellow strings of the veena in Latika's theme.Just delightful to the ears! :)

I'm sure we'll get an opportunity to rejoice.An Oscar that will extol his supremacy again on Feb 22 .Fingers crossed till then :)

@ Equi:

Yes. Thats a valid point that makes stand above the rest.

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