Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ghajini se paisa vasool..

It was a total movie week.All thanks to by-elections ,My exam on saturday got postponed which gave me ample time to watch the most awaited movie of the year,Ghajini.I've never been so excited to watch a movie than this in recent times I guess.

Heavily inspired from Christopher Nolan's Memento and shamelessly ripped from its tamil version,Ghajini has ingredients that would make it the biggest bollywood hits of all time.Enthralling music which keeps as you addicted as a drug,awesome photography with an action-packed romantic thriller that keeps you on tenterhooks,It was total paisa vasool.Never in the entire 3 hour show would you feel bored,perfect editing I must say.

It would be unfair if I would tell the film was absolutely flawless,they did goof up in some cases logically like the scene in the College auditorium basement when the hero takes on the villain totally unarmed and all that kalpana-recognise-Sanjay Singhania thing.Top it all, she is training a model to act like Sanjay without even trying to know about a multi-millionarire,Mr.singhania.Just,Google search baby,U'll find his photo as well.Always helps,Google.

Nevertheless,It was much better than the tamil version.The whole thing of twin brother concept in the climax has been done away with.Many other trivial yet significant in some angles have been perfectly sculpted.I would be failing if I didn't attribute the success to the lead actress, Asin.She was undoubtedly at her best.Her role as upcoming model,kalpana trying to save little girls from being trafficked remained etched in the hearts of the viewers.Although,It was a larger than life role,she marked her presence in the best way.

Of course,it was all-in-all ,A wonderful movie from Aamir's side.Flaunting his perfectly sculpted eight-pack,his charming looks to suddenly burst out violently as a short term memory loss patient,He was the show stealer.In all,the kind of Aamir movie one would look forward to.Just goes on to say that his movies can also be mass entertainers, much better than SRK or Akshay for that matter.

Ghajini rocks,forget the dumbness..Just riding high,never letting down its hype.All one could expect from a bollywood movie.A must watch guys...

PS: As always procrastination is something that is inherent in me that I can't do away with.Apologies for the late review.


chetana said...

im awaiting to watch the movie too.. good to know they have done away with the twin thing in the climax.. that def turned u off in the tamil gajini.. hopefully i see it this new year after examzz .. thnks 4 te preview :)